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Hourly Rate:
My Go2Guy charges $65 for the first hour of each day/appointment, and then $35 for each additional hour. There is a one hour minimum, and additional time needed will be billed in half hour increments of $17.50. Holiday Rates are $85 per hour.

Foreclosure Clean-ups:
We price clean-ups/trash outs for REO properties by the house. The level of service required to bring a house up to sale or rental condition, will reflect the final price of the job. We offer prompt FREE estimates, and these can be emailed directly to your REO department.

By the job pricing:
There are some tasks that we price by the job. Examples: Painting a room is $175*, Spreading landscape rock is $45 per ton, Installing pre wired ceiling fans is $65 each, etc. Any complex task will also be priced by the job. Just ask us for further details.

Minimum Labor Commitment:
When a My Go2Guy Handyman arrives at your home, you are financially obligated for a minimum of (1) hour. $65.

Access to your home:
My Go2Guy will require access to certain parts of your home. Please allow our technicians the access that's required to carry out your task. Use of water, and electricity may also be needed as well.

Paying My Go2Guy:
All payments are due at the completion of each job or task. We currently accept money orders, personal checks, cash, and credit cards via Paypal. A $30 fee will be assessed on returned checks.

Job Materials:
There are 2 options for obtaining any materials needed for your task.

1. You can purchase items, and deliver them to your home.

2. My Go2Guy can purchase and deliver items to your home.

If you would like My Go2Guy to purchase, and deliver your materials, a small procurement fee will be added to your bill. (We do not charge an hourly rate when picking up materials, just the procurement fee) The "Procurement Fee" covers our time and gas while shopping for your supplies, and materials.

Material Procurement Fees:
A handful of items =  $25 + the actual cost of materials
A cart full of items =  $50 + the actual cost of materials
Truck load of items = $75 + the actual cost of materials

Junk Removal Fees:
My Go2Guy will haul away any junk, and debris around your home or property. There is a minimum charge of $115 for full truck or trailer loads. This price includes up to 1 hour of loading labor, any additional time needed will be billed at $35 per hour. Any landfill disposal fees will also be added to your bill. Smaller amounts of junk/debris (33 gallon plastic bags) will be charged at $10 per bag. If you have a really large amount of junk, and need to rent a roll off container, we can load it for you at our normal hourly rates.

Signing off on the job:
When your task is complete, we require your signature on the bottom of our invoice. This shows that you are completely satisfied with the job that was completed. Same said signature also shows that you fully authorized ALL worked described on the invoice.

If you decide that you want to cancel your appointment with My Go2Guy you must call us at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. If you forget to contact us, and a My Go2Guy handyman shows up at your doorstep you will still be obligated to pay us our minimum fee of $65.

*Room size up to 12 x 12, 8' ft. ceilings, price covers the application of two coats of paint (paint not included). Ceiling, trim, and doors are an additional cost, and not included in this price.


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